Technical Competencies

Technical competencies in sales force refer to the specific skills, knowledge, and abilities required to effectively manage and optimize sales operations using the Salesforce platform.

Technical Competencies

Cloud Implementations

Cloud Implementations such as Salesforce CRM, e-Commerce solutions, Salesforce Order Management System and SAP ERP Solutions

Technologies Used

Rich UI/UX & Complex Desktop App Development Angular js, React js, BootStrap, Knockout Js, HTML5 & CSS5

Technology Services

SOA and Distributed Application Development Web Services, Window Services, WCF, ASP.NET Web API and Restful Services

Visual Experience

Enhanced UX and Experience portals using LWC, AURA and VF Components

Scalability & Services

Secure, Scalable & Performance optimistic Web Development, Java, ASP.NET, MVC, ASP.NET


Data Integration Services

Other Technical Competencies

Technical competencies enable sales professionals to leverage the full potential of Salesforce to drive business growth and achieve their sales targets.

CRM Implementations

Salesforce Framework, Ms Dynamics 365 CRM

SAP Implementation

SAP, S4 HANA Implementations, Support Services


Amazon WebServices, Windows Azure, CI/CD Automation and Serverless

Robotic Process Automation

UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism

Test Automation

TOSCA, Selenium, JMeter